Jewelry Care

Cameron Kruse jewelry is easy care for, making it the best choice for everyday wear. To keep your pieces in pristine condition follow these care instructions

Purchase a Cameron Kruse Designs Polishing Cloth or Dip Cleaner
~Sterling silver jewelry does tarnish. I would suggest keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box or ziplock bag when not wearing it. This will slow down the oxidation process immensely.

~The more you wear your jewelry, the less it tarnishes! Just be sure your jewelry is the last thing you put on, after your makeup, lotions, hairspray, etc.

~To keep your jewelry shinny longer, make sure to keep it clean. If you wear it while sweating, clean the jewelry with soap and water and allow to dry before storing the jewelry.

~If your jewelry is tarnished, it can be shined easily. Simply buff it with a polishing cloth to bring the luster back. Or you can use silver dip cleaners. Just be careful not to get it on stones or pearls. You can use a q-tip in tricky spots.

~Do not wear your jewelry in chemically treated pool or hot tub. The chlorine and other chemicals may discolor or etch your metal.